Michael Puccio and Madeline Hooper have teamed up to open a dance studio that combines the highest quality of dance instruction with an approach that recognizes how dancing can be a life-changing talent. Drawing on their combined 50 years of dance training, teaching and competing, as well as a shared philosophy developed from their experience of dancing together, they have developed a new vision for anyone who wants dancing to be a part of their life. Both Madeline and Michael strongly feel that to experience the full benefit of dancing more than one lesson is required, which is why the approach they take at their studio is based on the concept – unique in this field – of Private Membership. For all their students, whether just learning the fundamentals of social dancing or going beyond that to take part in competition, membership provides the opportunity not only to learn the necessary skills but also to put them into practice in a variety of thoughtfully created social settings and become part of a friendly, informal family of dancers.

Studio Dance offers customized programs to suit each student’s dance goals. Whether it’s Latin dances (Salsa, Rumba), Romantic dances (Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango) or Social dances (Bachata, Foxy, Hustle), all students learn what they want to, and go beyond mastering the steps to develop the self-confidence to take a partner, step onto the floor, enjoy the music and dance.